One class period. The role and audience were not easily identified by the reader and are may be appropriate for the time period. The role and audience were not easily identified by the reader and are not appropriate for the time period. Assignment is neat, and easy to read, with illustrations, graphics, or an additional medium used to enhance the presentation other than the written word.

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Assignment is neat, and easy to read, with illustrations, graphics, or an additional medium used that may enhance the presentation other than the written word. Assignment is somewhat neat with illustrations, graphics, or an additional medium used that does not enhance the presentation.

Assignment is not neat with some illustrations, graphics, or an additional medium used that does not enhance the presentation. Assignment is not neat, and easy to read, with no illustrations, graphics, or an additional medium used. Missing In MiG Valley Research and report on technological advances and tactical strategies used in wars of the 20th century. Learn More. Battle of Lundy's Lane. Commencement Level Lessons Fog of War. How can technology reduce confusion during a time of war?

The discussion should focus on what it was like for those who fought. For example, a young Shawnee male might have witnessed his family being attacked by soldiers led by William Henry Harrison and decided to join the British in the fight against the Americans. He would use a war club during battles and may have joined Tecumseh and Brock during the Battle of Queenston.

Any ideas that the students have should be recorded on a smartboard or overhead projector for the entire class to refer to. Spring The British Invade. Now Playing Military Realities. Military Realities Military Medicine.

Role and Audience Choice The reader believes you were actually there. The role and audience are easily identified by the reader and appropriate for the time period.Top Skip to main content.

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Other Not applicable. WordPress at Carolina runs in a shared, managed environment with many themes, plugins and code designed specifically for the Carolina community. For security and stability reasons, we do not allow users to upload custom plugins, themes or custom functionality i.Causes of the war included British attempts to restrict U.

Nonetheless, American troops were able to repulse British invasions in New York, Baltimore and New Orleans, boosting national confidence and fostering a new spirit of patriotism.

The ratification of the Treaty of Ghent on February 17,ended the war but left many of the most contentious questions unresolved. In an attempt to cut off supplies from reaching the enemy, both sides attempted to block the United States from trading with the other.

war of 1812 assignment

InBritain passed the Orders in Council, which required neutral countries to obtain a license from its authorities before trading with France or French colonies.

The Royal Navy also outraged Americans by its practice of impressment, or removing seamen from U. Inthe U. It also proved ineffective, and in turn was replaced with a May bill stating that if either power dropped trade restrictions against the United States, Congress would in turn resume non-intercourse with the opposing power.

After Napoleon hinted he would stop restrictions, President James Madison blocked all trade with Britain that November.

The defeat convinced many Indians in the Northwest Territory including the celebrated Shawnee chief Tecumseh that they needed British support to prevent American settlers from pushing them further out of their lands. Though Congress ultimately voted for war, both House and Senate were bitterly divided on the issue. Most Western and Southern congressmen supported war, while Federalists especially New Englanders who relied heavily on trade with Britain accused war advocates of using the excuse of maritime rights to promote their expansionist agenda.

In order to strike at Great Britain, U. On the other side, they faced a well-managed defense coordinated by Sir Isaac Brock, the British soldier and administrator in charge in Upper Canada modern Ontario. Harrison was subsequently able to retake Detroit with a victory in the Battle of Thames in which Tecumseh was killed. Meanwhile, the U. As large numbers of troops arrived, British forces raided the Chesapeake Bay and moved in on the U.

British forces subsequently left the Chesapeake Bay and began gathering their efforts for a campaign against New Orleans.

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By that time, peace talks had already begun at Ghent modern Belgiumand Britain moved for an armistice after the failure of the assault on Baltimore. On December 24,commissioners signed the Treaty of Ghentwhich would be ratified the following February. On January 8,unaware that peace had been concluded, British forces mounted a major attack in the Battle of New Orleansonly to meet with defeat at the hands of future U.

News of the battle boosted sagging U. Though the War of is remembered as a relatively minor conflict in the United States and Britain, it looms large for Canadians and for Native Americans, who see it as a decisive turning point in their losing struggle to govern themselves.

But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. By terms of the treaty, all conquered territory was to be returned, and commissions were planned to settle the boundary of the United States The American victory helped lead to the conclusion of peace negotiations between Britain and theThe War of was called by its opponents "Mr.

war of 1812 assignment

But the events leading up to the War of actually began while Jefferson was president in his second term of office. Rather than continue military action, these two powers tried to destroy each other though economic warfare. American merchants were greatly affected.

Here's what happened: InBritain passed a new regulation that stated US ships could not land at a European port without first stopping at a British port or they would be seized. Napoleon retaliated with a new French law that said any ship that stopped at a British port before stopping at any European port would be seized.

As a result, trade between America and both Britain and France was strangled.

War of 1812

To help solve this, they used impressment, which was the practice of forcing men into naval service. British ships began stopping American ships and demanding the return of British deserters who were supposedly on board, so they could impress them back into service.

True, some men were British deserters. But about 1, men taken were Americans, forced to work on British ships. The United States government protested, but the British continued to grab British "deserters" from American ships.

war of 1812 assignment

This system exploded in when the British demanded the USS Chesapeake return four men whom they claimed were deserters. The captain checked the crew and found no British citizens. He refused to allow the British aboard. The British fired canons, hit the USS Cheasepeake, boarded by force, and took four "deserters" off the ship. When word of this attack spread across the nation, Americans were furious. The Chesapeake, Instead, trying to keep the peace, President Jefferson talked Congress into passing the Embargo Act of This act stopped all exports out of U.

You can imagine how angry that made U. Goods were piled up the south. Merchants were going broke on the east coast. Illegal trade began in earnest with Canada. Firm in his belief that his Embargo Act would bring an end to the British and French trade restrictions on US ships, and provide an opportunity to discuss maritime rights, Jefferson enacted strict laws to enforce the embargo. One year later, realizing that perhaps he had gone too far, Jefferson repealed the Embargo Act and replaced it with an act that allowed trade with anyone except Britain or France.

But nothing changed. Inthe U. The area invaded was heavily populated with Americans, lured to Canada by cheap land and low taxes. The War Hawks, American leaders who had promoted war instead of discussion, expected an easy win.

But the British were more prepared than the U. Britain ended up occupying Detroit.Jul 12, William Hull issued a proclamation to the residents of Upper Canada trying to get them to fight with the United States against Britain. However, this backfired and he ended up surrendering Detroit to the British on August 16, to Isaac Brock.

Aug 15, As a result of this, WIlliam Hull surrendered. Oct 13, Although General Brock was killed, this was a victory for the British. Jan 21, Proctor, after being captured by the British and Indians. Sep 10, Oct 5, British abandoned Detroit and crossed into Canada with inidians under Tecumseh.

The Americas were victorius from finding Tecumseh dead on the battlefield. Oct 26, This battle consisted of British regulars, militia and Mohawk warriors under Charles de Salaberry. He repelled an American force attempting to invade Canada.

Jul 5, This battle was located near Fort Erie.

Mapping the War of 1812 - Assignment Example

American forces and Gen. Winfield Scott decisively defeated the British forces. Jul 25, Neither side was victorius. Sep 11, Macdonough forced the British to engage the US head on and the British surrendered.This war lasted for three years, that is, from to It resulted from the cropping anger of the Americans over trade issues, impressments of American sailors, and British aid of the Indian attacks on the front line against the Native Americans Roosevelt, Although some of the Americans thought of War as a second war of independence, during this war, neither the British nor the Americans gained any decisive advantage.

The War took place during the reign of President Madison; he had declared war against the British after collision of the Americans with the British. The Indians had inputted much effort in doing away with the American administration, for instance, they fought the American troops leading to the reduction of the Americans power. In addition, the Indians offered protection to the British that resided in North America, this close association between the British and the Indians catalyzed American anger hence the outbreak of War.

The war hawks had diverse reasons as to why they demanded for the declaration of war against the British, and some of the reasons included the British violation of international laws that opposed disruption of marketing practices, the disrespect showed by the British, and the kidnapping act of the British.

For instance, the British violated international laws opposing disruption of marketing places by seizing American ships that transported goods for trade. The Americans considered the act of seizing American ships at their territory by the British as a show of disrespect. They therefore considered war as a solution, hence the War of The Chesapeake Affair of was also a contributing factor to the war ofin ; the British soldiers managed to get aboard of American ship and killed innocent Americans that they caught, an act that left Americans burning with anger.

The neutrality act of Americans also contributed to the outbreak of the war, the Americans had the habit of carrying out their trading activity without showing interest or concern of the war that was taking place between the French and the British.

Alternate History: What If The US Won The War Of 1812?

The neutrality act portrayed by the Americans made the British take advantage of them. The Americans started mistreating them by seizing their ships and capturing innocent American sailors Hannay, The succession of the British in the war against the French worsened the relationship between the British and the Americans, it led to the declination of the American participation in the trading activities across the seas. Although the treaty of Ghent signed in December did not touch on any issues concerning the causes of the War, it contributed immensely towards the end of the War.

The American and the British representatives had met at Ghent in Belgium with the intention of signing a peaceful treaty. According to the signed treaty, all conquered states were to be returned. The treaty also paved way for the planning of commissions that solved boundary issues that existed between America and Canada. Via the signed treaty, the Americans were also able to restore their war lands and ships that had been captured by the British Cullum, In addition, the treaty contributed to the British promising to return the slaves it had captured.

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Success of is based on the efforts of Andrew Jackson, inAndrew Jackson together with his poorly trained troops managed to win the Battle of New Orleans.

The war had taken place between British and the Americans who had not gotten the news of the signed treaty. Andrew Jackson with his outnumbered American army had managed to defeat the well trained and equipped British soldiers in the war that lasted for three years Auchinleck,

war of 1812 assignment

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